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One Day at a Time May 22, 2008

Filed under: Existance — latteaddiction @ 12:00 am

So can I complain when I make good money but I am bored with the every day ho-hum of working? Why was I not earmarked a trust fund baby at birth? Man, that would be great. I envy the spoiled brats in New York and California that drive their Bentleys and their Mercedes without lifting a finger. Do you ever think, “how was the plan for me laid out by God?” He said to himself, “this person must suffer, drool and work her ass off to get where others are in life”. I admit I like the journey, but at the same time wish the tooth fairy would of accidentally gotten my tooth mixed up with a GOLD ROCK. Instead, all I got a mouth full of cavities and 25 cents.



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