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I Said I Would June 4, 2008

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It’s been some time since I last wrote. During the day I think of plenty of topics, but by nightfall I forget all of it. Then again, I forget a lot these days. I told a co-worker that I would write. So here I am.


Hmmm…what to talk about?


Today I…

spoke about not liking my voice on the telephone and how it sounds hoarse like Kermit the Frog, how someone I know got a good boob-job, how I am forgetting things due to my use of Zoloft, how I said I would post some of my artwork to prove I’m taking an art class, how I learned four new words in Arabic, moles, butt clenching, learned that Preparation H does not define your muscles, cats have face shapes that signifies their demeanor…

how unmotivated I am at my job, how I should provide recommendations on project presentations, that Larki means female and Gori means white and the fact that I probably spelled them wrong, that I watched the Star Wars Saga background and how George Lucas made his films, the show Intervention, helped my co-worker obtain a telephone number when his computer access was turned off prematurely…

gave a presentation, discovered that I am sharing a cube in the new building and therefore may be able to continue to telecommute, looked up old friends on, painted lights, emailed a friend that just quit her job (my former employer) YEAH, invited a friend to an open house, looked at a friend’s picture, checked Facebook…

watched Nancy Grace, told a friend about my previous experience in Internet Security – how boring it became, told my father I had purchased a hand-held sander, looked at my half-eaten dill weed in my flower pot, said moooo, did laundry, cleaned up water, worked out in my home, ate peanut butter, feel tired.



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