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Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love June 24, 2008

Yes, I’m speaking about Van Halen.

On my drive home this evening, I heard the famous 70’s tune that had become popular again in the 80’s. I was in junior high the first time I heard it. I remember in the mid-eighties, Karen Szabo’s poster of David Lee Roth in tight white pants behind her paneled door. I was so shocked that she thought he was hot. I wasn’t into the “long hairs”. Someone with hair as long and as poofy as mine wouldn’t cut it now or then.


The drive…

I passed France Place, a landmark of a skyscraper for MN and remembered passing the icon on my way to my first ‘grown up’ rock concert, Def Leppard. I had agreed to go to Minneapolis to be with a ‘date’ and another couple. We drank beer in the TransAm (or Sunbird – I cannot recall what it was) and stashed them under the seat after we slammed them between the passing cars on the freeway. It was cool. At the time I remember thinking… being in a TransAm made me feel a little ‘white trash’, but I didn’t care.

It was sometime after the drummer had lost his arm in an accident, perhaps 1988? It was at the old Met Center, where the Mall of America stands today. It was lit up blue and the heavy marijuana smell lingered through the center. I had actually never smelled it before and wondered why people showed up to a concert only to forget it the next morning?


I actually don’t remember arriving home that evening, 2.5 hours north. I’m sure I slept off my experience of my little town north of Minneapolis. In the year 1988.



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