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Cookies, Crunchies and Crackers July 18, 2008

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I’ll admit. I’m outta shape. Cottage cheese seems to be my middle name – okay that’s a gross analogy, but that’s how I feel. I recently joined the gym much to the probing of friends and family. They told me, “you’ll feel so much better”, and “you’ll sleep so much better”. So, with those suggestions, I thought “what the hell”!

Last week I worked out with my girlfriend (let’s call her “T”) where she taught me how to use the step machine and the bike correctly. So, as I sit here plunking away on my PC after eating cookies, ice cream with biscotti, and honey crackers, I’m feeling a little guilty. Oh well, I’ll blame it on my period if anyone asks.


Please God, Don’t Make Me a Bitch June 12, 2008

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In my world, I had a horrible day today. Apparently I woke the wrong person. In my miserable corporate life, I have never come across such an ugly person as I did today. It doesn’t really matter what they did or how they made me feel when they hung up on me and called my VP. It only matters that they made an ass out of themselves. And in the evening when I write this, I’m just happy that I’m not as miserable as the person I met today.

Maybe this person was turned down for a job today? Maybe this person found out their family member has cancer? Maybe this person hates the company and hates going to work as much as I do. Or maybe not.

If I had three wishes today, I would wish:

1) Do not turn me into a bitchy old spinster

2) Do not let me hang up on anyone

3) Do not let me “tell on people” when I feel out of control