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No Work For You October 24, 2008

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Today I found out that my current consulting gig will be no more on November 15th. I am a practicing Project Manager for a nationalhealthcare provider, consulting, contracting, whatever you want to tag it. Disappointing on one hand, happy to be on my way – on the other. I find that my hobby of internet perusing excites me so much more than attending hourly meetings, trying to validate why I made a decision or why I didn’t meet a deadline.

Often, in the past year I have asked myself “why?” Why do we get up at the crack of dawn, leave our loved ones and butt-kiss people we don’t even like 5 days a week? – perhaps someone up above was listening to my complaints and decided to take action? Retribution for complaining in the first place. “Is this what it’s come to – long hours worrying how we’ll pay the mortgage and how much gas we must fill our tanks with, knowing that we have to worry about this for the rest of our lives?” No one likes to be backed into a corner (especially Scorpios) which is what the economy is forcing us to do. To make decisions we might normally not.

Again, I’m at a crossroads with my life, wondering why I was put here. What was I supposed to do to make a mark on this world? It certainly wasn’t to keep people on task, or keep them in meetings all day. so much for that blog…so much for that jewelry line…so much for that change in life. I have 3 weeks to make a change. It’s not much time when you’ve been procrastinating for a year.