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Old Men August 9, 2008

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So I had to write today, as I had remembered what had happened to me yesterday and knew I had to blog about it. I realized after visting my dentist again – the 3rd week in a row – that I had to stop at my local neighborhood grocery store for some specialty items…

I slowly made my way through the store looking at the exhorbiant prices. I saw a fly fluttering nearby and vowed not to stick my hand into the little plastic dome as so many before me had with unclean bathroom hands. But, I thought to myself, “I’m sure my desk at work is worst”. So with that I dug my hand deep into the back of the plastic dome and chowed down on the funny white cheese that gave me a strong and pungent aftertaste. “Why did I like cheese so much?” I thought to myself.

I proceeded to pick up my olives, sundried tomatoes, and even sauntered by the dessert section but decided against it, feeling guilty for not going to the gym for 2 weeks. As I gazed at the old man in front of me in line, I thought to myself, “older people must come here because someone still bags their groceries for them.” “What will I do when I’m old?”

The cashier knew him as Tony. “Tony, how many times a day do come in here?” she said. He explained, “Ohhhh, once for lunch and sometimes for groceries”. They proceeded to talk.

How come I always get caught behind the chatty ones? Perhaps I should stop coming here if I want to make a quick stop? Afterall, this is the second time I’ve been caught in line. Tony left and the cashier rung up my items. “$28.34 please… thank you.”

As I left the grocery store making my way toward my car, I noticed Tony walking back toward the store. I thought to myself, “wow, he’s going in again?” Tony passed me by 100 feet when out of the corner of an earshot I heard a loud fart “thhhpppp”. I smiled to myself and looked to the girl in my right corner, making sunglass eye contact, wondering if she too had heard the loud fart. I think she did as she had the same grin as I.

I wondered if Tony even heard himself. They say that old people fart a lot. I guess they are right.


Maven 2008 August 1, 2008

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Yes! I finally made Maven status in I had been diligently posting my cool and unique items for over a month with the goal of being in the top 10%. So, I’m at 12% of all users and still working toward that top 10%. I can do it!


I’ve Been Away July 18, 2008

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I haven’t been able to write lately. Call it writers block or just pure exhaustion. Work. Work has been quite a challenge. I was recently asked to assist my VP with a project. Knowing it was going to be high visibility, I wanted to do my very best and impress. You see, as a consultant, it is utterly important to make the best impression in order to keep one’s job.  I worked an everage of 12 hour days. I don’t mean to whine, but I had not worked these hours for quite some time, as I am very used to a mximum of 45 hours. As a consultant, companies are increasingly watching those extra bill hours, even charging back consultant companies for overtime!

Needless to say, it was a challenging and time consuming project that definately impressed, so I am very happy. So now I’m back…


Half a Brain June 17, 2008

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Today was Monday. But not just any Monday. It was my day to go back to work in the “new” building. The company I currently work at unveiled it’s new building today. The hubbub of the hive was buzzing with people seaching for their hives to call their new home.

I was less than thrilled. After working from home 5 days a week, being able to catch an occassional Tyra show between meetings, and being able to cut costs for gas and food, I was not excited. I was not enjoying the recycled air, dry, bloodshot eyes and the gleaming stare from the higher-ups that passed by my desk too many times for my liking.

I was seated next to the Service Center, the hallway, the VP and his Admin. So I caught up on the latest news given to me by the Admin… how they are cutting overhead by firing people before they could move to the new building. The company made over 20 billion dollars but still didn’t hit the mark. We have all new chairs (my guess $500 each), adjustable desks (~$1200), file cabinets with cushions on top (~$500), lockers for our jackets, chairs with tables in the hallways (~$800), the newest design in table work lamps (~$300). And I’m just one Chief Peon.

I slept when I got home. My guess is that the grapes and a rice krispy bar didn’t cut it for lunch. We’ll see how tomorrow goes…